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A Space for Experienced and Emerging Potters

CIY Studio Membership is suited for the experienced and emerging potter looking for studio hours to practice with other potters and expand their craft.

Our studio area is a spacious and sunny area, equipped with wheel throwing and hand building equipment and nice variety of cone 5/6 glazes.

Membership pricing is $275 per month.

To arrange a site tour or to discuss the membership benefits, please email us at

Studio Access

Members enjoy access to the studio during open hours, with the exception of:

  • Studio use is limited during class hours. Members may utilize the hand-building tables, glazing area and other equipment but will not have access to the wheel area during wheel throwing class time.Members may utilize the pottery wheels, glazing area and other equipment during hand-building and specialty workshops but will not have access to the hand building area during those classes.
  • Studio access will be limited during special featured artist group instructions. These times will be posted on the member calendar allowing members to plan their studio time appropriately.
Studio Hours
  • Monday-Thursday10AM-9PM
  • Fridays 10AM – 6PM
  • Saturdays 10AM – 5PM

One 25lb of clay is allotted to each new member.

Priority reservations

Members will enjoy priority to studio offerings including classes, workshops, and featured artist workshops. 

Art Show Participation

Members will be invited to participate in the Studio’s Semi-annual Art Shows, selling their pieces to the public.

Storage Space

A 2′ X 2’ shelf space will be designated for each studio member.

Access to Modern Equipment

The newest equipment in the area is available including Skutt and Bailey Pottery wheels (9 total), two slab rollers, two large hand building tables, hand building tools and molds, extruder, griffin grips, turn tables, and a variety of glazes.

Access to Basic Amenities

The kitchenette area includes table, chairs, refrigerator, and coffee maker. Two on-site bathrooms and a sheltered outdoor space for sanding are available.

Membership is currently full. To join the waitlist please email us at

Members Guidelines:

CIY Pottery, including its members and membership space, is an inclusive and supportive community of makers. We kindly ask that our members respect the space and their fellow makers by maintaining a clean workspace, minimizing any unnecessary noise, and leaving equipment and facilities tidy. We are focused on building a community of makers that feel safe, inspired, and supported.

About Us

CIY is a creative hub located in Ashburn, VA, where individuals can explore the world of pottery and specialty arts. The acronym stands for “Create It Yourself,” reflecting the studio’s mission to foster a collaborative environment for both beginners and seasoned artists.

Studio Hours

  • Monday – Thursday 10AM – 9PM
  • Friday 10AM – 6PM
  • Saturday 10AM – 5PM
  • Closed Sunday


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