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Sharp Edges Pottery and CIY Instructor

Ginger Arnold

There is something amazing about the process of working with a material that begins as a ball of dirt and water and creating a useful object or piece of art through patience, experiment, and persistence. I believe that learning the limits and capabilities of the medium and pushing those boundaries is the best part.

I have a BA in Studio Art from Scripps College, where I was introduced to pottery but focused on two-dimensional work. I got married and raised three children. Later in life in, I returned to the medium that I came to enjoy – the process of making something that is a 3D, functional piece of art. 

Before coming back to clay, I traveled a great deal both domestically and internationally, living in both Asia and Europe. I settled down in Reston in 2013 where I began teaching 4 years ago.

Catherine Langreney

About Us

CIY is a creative hub located in Ashburn, VA, where individuals can explore the world of pottery and specialty arts. The acronym stands for “Create It Yourself,” reflecting the studio’s mission to foster a collaborative environment for both beginners and seasoned artists.

Studio Hours

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